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In addition to its exceptional aesthetic value, which will enchant every woman, the jewelry "Dragon bow" also carries a profound symbolic meaning. More below.



✦ THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON - jewelry design inspiration

The inspiration for the design comes from the chinese calendar, as the year 2024 will be the year of the Wooden Dragon. The Wooden Dragon is unique as it combines the characteristics of the dragon with the energy of wood. In chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes power, happiness, and well-being, while wood represents growth, development, and adaptability. Therefore, the year of the Wooden Dragon in chinese astrology is associated with a period when changes, growth, and opportunities and progress are expected and encouraged.




For this year, it is crucial to focus on our personal priorities. Only in this way will we maintain inner peace and avoid the collective panic that can be triggered by the outside world. It is important to surround ourselves with people with whom we feel good and to equip ourselves with items that support us and remind us to return to our own power at every moment. And here is where the idea of the Dragon bow jewelry was born. Wearing the jewelry will serve as a constant reminder and energetic support of the dragon's extraordinary powers.




The idea behind the jewelry was to create a piece that not only aesthetically complements but also supports the wearer, constantly reminding them of their own strength and sovereignty as the master of their own life. This jewelry is created for those who often find themselves in a role where the needs of others are more important than their own, for those who procrastinate on key decisions, or feel like victims of circumstances. Above all, it is intended for those who need a reminder that true power comes from within themselves.




The jewelry symbolizes the dragon and its long, majestic body in a minimalist way.




Each piece of jewelry is extremely light, which allows comfortable use. Wearing jewelry becomes a simple joy when you simply forget that you are wearing anything. In spite of this, the unique design ensures endless elegance.




3D printing technology opens doors to creativity and innovation in the world of jewelry. With a masterful combination of 3D printing and sintering of precious metals, we have CRAFTED precious unique pieces of jewelry that the world has never seen before and that will take your breath away!




This pendant is made of 24k gold plated 925 silver.



● What describes us?

sterling silver spiritual jewelry, power jewelry, silver spirit jewelery, artistic jewelry, minimalistic jewelry, contemporary jewelry


DRAGON BOW gold plated earrings

    Dimension of one earring: 30 mm (diameter)
    Material of the earring: natural silver 925, gilded with 24k gold


    The earrings are comfortable and easy to wear, which means you can wear them all day.


    The final polishing of the jewelry is done by hand. Since the jewelry is assembled by hand, there may be deviations between individual products.


    The jewelry is stored in an elegant box made of brushed velvet in beige color and with the gold Sophy logo. The inner jewelry box is stored in an outer laminated cardboard box, in the same beige color as the inner box, with a gold Sophy logo.


    Upon purchase, you also receive a certificate and warranty.


    Proper cleaning and handling of jewelry is essential so that your silver and gold plated jewelry will retain its beauty and shine for a long time. When ordering jewelry, you will receive detailed instructions for use.

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