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The Light collection

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The new Light collection is a tribute to the fascinating world of architecture. The designers, both architects by education, drew inspiration this time from their knowledge of architecture and the basic principles of STRUCTURAL ARCHITECTURE.

Breathtaking buildings in architecture are made possible by skeletal construction; so they transferred the concept of just that into jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is designed as a complex interwoven network of sticks, which forms a spatial COMPOSITION.


Each piece of jewelry is extremely light, which allows for COMFORTABLE USE. Wearing jewelry becomes a simple joy when you simply forget that you are wearing anything.

IN SPITE OF THIS, THE UNIQUE DESIGN ensures endless elegance.

AbAstris collection

Sophy's original and first line launched is a conceptual materialization of the vibrations of the universe. Thus named AbAstris.

Just as different areas of the universe are characterized by specific vibrations so our design follows these vibrations in form. As you wear Sophy's jewelry you can feel the energy its design is based on and the sheer power it is required to forge and fuse it out of precious metal particles. Just like the stars are forged in the furnace of the universe. You can feel this energy and it will fill you with the strength to overcome your daily challenges.

get ready to shine like a star!

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