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The new Light collection is a tribute to the fascinating world of architecture. The designers, both architects by education, drew inspiration this time from their knowledge of architecture and the basic principles of STRUCTURAL ARCHITECTURE.

Breathtaking buildings in architecture are made possible by skeletal construction; so they transferred the concept of just that into jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is designed as a complexly interwoven web of sticks, forming a spatial COMPOSITION.


Each piece of jewelry is extremely light, which allows for COMFORTABLE USE. Wearing jewelry becomes a simple joy when you simply forget that you are wearing anything. IN SPITE OF THIS, THE UNIQUE DESIGN ENSURES ENDLESS ELEGANCE.

The earrings and bow tie are made of 24k gold plated 925 silver.

SCINTILLA gold plated earings

    Dimension of one earring: 10 mm (diameter)
    Material of the earring: natural silver 925, gilded with 24k gold
    Material of the bow: natural silver 925, gilded with 24k gold

    The earrings are comfortable and easy to wear, which means you can wear them all day.

    The final polishing of the jewelry is done by hand. Since the jewelry is assembled by hand, there may be deviations between individual products.

    The jewelry is stored in an elegant box made of brushed velvet in beige color and with the gold Sophy logo. The inner jewelry box is stored in an outer laminated cardboard box, in the same beige color as the inner box, with a gold Sophy logo.

    Upon purchase, you also receive a certificate and warranty.

    Proper cleaning and handling of jewelry is essential so that your silver and gold jewelry will retain its beauty and shine for a long time. When ordering jewelry, you will receive detailed instructions for use.

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